A Medieval Village

Located at the meeting point of the Cévennes, Provence and Languedoc, the medieval village of Vézénobres is unique and picturesque

Perched on the side of a hill, the village represents the architectural ages in the history of the region between the XIth and the XVIIIth centuries.

One gets easily lost inside the maze of streets connected with endrounes, narrow paved or stepped passages.
Terrasse du Château Girard

Gardens and endrounes

The architecture and the sculpted decorations of the tall house frontages are often compared to art works. Although the fabulous heritage of this former stronghold is first seen from the streets, the inner courtyards extend  this sumptuouness. Some of them harbour charming gardens with luxuriant vegetation.

Discover & visit

  • Strong and enclosure of the twelfth century.
  • House of Adam and Eve (XV c.)
  • Castle Thoiras (XIV c.)
  • Sabran door (early thirteenth century.)
  • National Collection of fig trees (755 trees)
100 variétés de figuiers

100 varieties of fig trees

Maison du XVIII ème

House XVIII century

La porte de Sabran

The door of Sabran

Une cité médiévale

Girard’s castle

Place de la mairie

Town Hall Square

Détail architectural

Architectural detail

Lane Vézenobres

L’Hôtel Montfaucon

Hotel Maufaucon

maison d’Adam et Eve